Affiliate Dashboard

  1. Free to Play players are welcome to participate in our Affiliate Program. No purchase is required to register as a MDW Affiliate and start earning free ingame credits!
  2. MDW Game’s Affiliate Program was designed to reward members with free ingame credits for friends that they invite to purchase from MDW Games.
  3. Every Affiliate that creates an Affiliate account will be provided with an Affiliate Dashboard as well as an Affiliate Link. By sharing the Affiliate Link with others, MDW Affiliates are able to claim rewards based on how much their friends purchase. MDW Affiliates can use the Affiliate Dashboard to keep track on their friend purchases.
  4. MDW Games will keep track on all purchases made by the Affiliate’s friends. Once your total referrals has reached $1000USD in purchases, you can contact any of MDW’s staff to redeem $50USD worth of ingame credits for any game offered on MDW’s website (while stocks last). This can only be redeemed once. Any subsequent orders accumulating to $1000USD will entitle the Affiliate to receive another $50USD worth of ingame credits.
  5. Affilate payouts can not be accumulated, $300 accumulated Affiliate points will not equate to a Whale Pack. All affiliate payouts are non-sales prices.


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