Frequently asked Questions

Is this legit? How do you get so much Google Play Credits

This is legit Google Play Credits, we have our own methods of farming it large scale thus passing on the savings to our customers.

Are you injecting credits into my account?

Injection will almost certainly result in a ban, we do not use injection methods to top up credits.

I'm on iOS, can this work?

Our credits are Google Play Credits, certain games have a shared bank between iOS and Android. Certain games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has seperate credit banks for iOS and Android. To use your Google Play Credits, please either login to your account with an Android device or use an Android Emulator like NOX or Memu on your PC.


For iOS users -> Please download and install bluestacks from here to retrieve your ingame currency – BlueStacks App Player


Can you guarantee I will not get banned?

In some games, purchasing from a 3rd party site may be against TOS.

Please buy at your own risk as we will not be liable for bans in anyway.

Player xxx says he got banned.

That player was probably banned using modded APKs or hacks to alter the performance of the game.

How long do I have to wait for my order to be fulfilled?

All orders upon order are placed in the queue. The longer the queue or the larger the order above you, the longer the waiting time. We usually take 1 day to process your order. On the average, most games will take 4-8 hours from start to completion, excluding queue times. If we have problems logging in to your account, we will try to contact you. If you are not contactable we will skip your queue and proceed to the next order. Certain games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Fantasica will take a longer time to complete.

I can't wait that long, can I refund my order?

Yes, please contact support to get a refund of your order. We will completely refund your order if the top up process has yet to start.

Can I still play the game whilst waiting for my order to be worked on?

Yes. You may continue to play your game as usual. If you received a notification ingame that “Someone has logged into your account” or “Please log in again” it means our workers are working on your account. Please stop your game during that period and allow us to top up your credits. Please do not use any methods of automated logins, be it running a macro or something similar. As if we are unable to login, we will skip your queue.

While waiting can I use my ingame credits?

Please refrain from using your ingame credits when you have placed an order with us. If we notice that credits has been used without authorisation, we will discontinue working on your account.

How do I check if my account is done? Can I log in?

As mentioned earlier. You can play manually (no macros, no bots), if we are on your account you will get logged out, just stay logged out for at least 2 hours before you attempt to login again.

I placed an order, how can I contact you?

Please go to the mainpage of MDW Games, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Connect with us socially” you can contact any of the Admin or Moderators in the Facebook group. That would usually be the preferred method of communication.

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